Technical Institute Dual Enrollment Information

High school Junior and Senior students in South Dakota have the opportunity to enroll in coursework at the rate of $48.33 per credit. You are making an excellent choice by completing post-secondary credits while in high school.  You will be treated as a technical institute student; the attendance, conduct and laptop policies will be in accordance with school policies. These courses are offered face-to-face at the on-campus locations, as well as online. The calendar will be based on the technical institute’s schedule which may be different than your high school.

Students may enroll in certain courses at the technical institute without applying for admission to a program. However, the student may need to meet the admissions/placement criteria based on an entrance exam or related coursework.  Current high school juniors and seniors enrolled at public, private and tribal high schools whose schools have signed an MOU with South Dakota Department of Education (DOE), or home school students whose parents sign an MOU, are eligible to enroll. More information from DOE regarding the Dual Credit program can be found on SDMyLife.

To apply online, click the link below for the institution you want to apply to:

          Lake Area Technical Institute 

          Mitchell Technical Institute

          Southeast Technical Institute

          Western Dakota Technical Institute (coming soon)

To fill out, print, and send in a paper application click below.

          Technial Institutes Dual Enrollment Application

Additional required materials include:

  • Form signed by student, parent or guardian, and a school official. Dual Enrollment Approval Form. (This form will also be emailed to you after your application is submitted.
  • High School Transcript
  • ACT/SAT or accuplacer Score report (if taken)

Registration and Course Payment:

  • After your registration is processed, you will receive additional information about your coursework and registration confirmation. You may drop a class within the time stated on the academic calendar without being charged and without receiving a grade.
  • Payment for your class must be made to the technical institute. Payments can be made by check or by credit/debit card. If the high school is paying for the class(es), the high school business manager should contact the technical institute business office to arrange payment.
  • Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid and must re-register at the beginning of each semester.

Other Requirements/Considerations:

  • Dual Enrollment does not guarantee acceptance to the technical institute as a full time student at a later time.
  • Dual Enrollment students are currently enrolled in high school and will receive high school credit and grade along with technical institute credit and grade for the Dual Enrollment course. 
  • Credits may or may not transfer. It is the responsibility of the student to verify transferability with their institution of choice.
  • Students must follow the technical institute academic calendar and be in attendance when technical institute classes
  • are held.  There are certain days that the high schools will have classes and technical institute will not and vice versa.
  • The technical institute academic calendar can be found online.
  • Students will be held to each technical institute’s Code of Conduct.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to directly contact instructors to inform them of absences. Parents do not need to call
  • the technical institute to excuse students.
  • Attendance policies in individual classes are listed on the class syllabus.
  • Students registered for Dual Enrollment courses will not be eligible for the “Credit by Exam” or “Test Out” options.
  • Completing credit through the Dual Enrollment program may affect your full-time status during post-secondary education.

Technical Institude Contact Information:

Lake Area Technical Institute

Lee Quale
1201 Arrow Ave. 
Watertown, SD  57201
Phone:  605-882-5284 x220
Fax:  605-882-6299

Mitchell Technical Institute

Christine Bosma
1800 E. Spruce St.
Mitchell, SD  57301
Phone:  605-995-7218
Fax:  605-995-3067     

Southeast Technical Institute

Anna Fischer
2320 N. Career Ave.
Sioux Falls,  SD  57033
Phone:  605-367-5467
Fax:  605-367-8305

Western Dakota Technical Institute

Nora Leinen
800 Mickelson Dr.
Rapid City, SD 57703 
Phone: 605-718-2541
Fax: 605-394-2204