Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources cluster encompasses one of the South Dakota's biggest industries, and virtually everyone on the planet is impacted by it. This cluster prepares learners for careers in the planning, implementation, production, management, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities and services. Watch this video to view some of South Dakota's success stories.


    Workers in the Architecture and Construction career cluster design, plan, manage, build and maintain the built environment. If you enjoy working on new structures, restorations, additions, alterations, and repairs, a career in this field might be for you.


    Creative students who see themselves designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content are fit for a career in the Arts, A/V technology and Communication career cluster. You will apply artistic talent to practical problems and learn visual arts principles that prepare you with skills and techniques to work in any number of creative design and entertainment fields.


    Business Management and Administration careers encompass planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions that are essential to efficient and productive business operations. Career opportunities are available in every sector of the economy and require specific skills in organization, time management, customer service and communication.

    Education and Training

    The Education and Training career cluster is a diverse cluster which prepares learners for careers in planning, managing, and providing education and other related learning support services. If you enjoy motivating others, working with children, assisting those who need help and seeing others succeed, a career in the Education and Training cluster may be for you.


    Money is what makes the world go round. OK, maybe not... but to those hard at work in the Finance cluster, sometimes it can sure feel like it.

    If you speak the language of mathematics fluently, finance is likely a good place for you to end up. And the Finance cluster is always in need of a good analytical mind. South Dakota, particularly Sioux Falls, is a central hub for some of the biggest banks in the nation, including Citibank, Wells Fargo and Premier Bankcard.

    Government and Public Administration

    Professionals in the Government and Public Administration cluster plan and execute government functions at local, state, and federal levels. Anyone who has a hand in the day-to-day operations of the government works within this cluster. If you have a passion for serving our country and are an organized individual, this cluster may be for you.

    Health Sciences

    The Health Science career cluster orients students with careers that promote health, wellness, and diagnosis as well as treat injuries and diseases. Some of the careers involve working directly with people, while others involve researching, collecting and formatting data and information. If these topics interest you, Health Sciences might be the way to go. Watch the video to view some of South Dakota's success stories.

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Hospitality and Tourism is a prominent career cluster in the Mount Rushmore State. This cluster prepares individuals for employment in careers that work with food/beverage services, lodging, travel and tourism, recreation, amusement and attractions. If you are intrigued by the idea of helping others explore the beauty, culture and cuisine of the world around them, a career in Hospitality and Tourism may be for you.

    Human Services

    The Human Services cluster includes careers that improve quality of life and promotes safe, healthy communities. Workers in human services better our lives by tending to our psychological, social, and physical needs. If you are looking for a job relating to families and human needs, check out the careers in this cluster.

    Information Technology

    With information technology constantly changing and advancing, this cluster is sure to have an ongoing high demand of workers. If you are skilled in keeping up with the constantly advancing technology industry, this cluster may have the right career for you. Watch this video to view some of South Dakota's success stories.

    Law Public Safety and Security

    The Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security career cluster prepares students for careers in planning, managing, and providing legal services including homeland security, public safety, and protective services. If you feel you would enjoy an occupation where you can “serve and protect,” a career in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security cluster may be just what you are looking for.


    Manufacturing is one of South Dakota's largest industries. If you are interested in planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into final products, a career in this cluster may be for you. Watch this video to view some of South Dakota's success stories.


    This cluster is ideal for the creative individuals who still get a thrill out of giving a sales pitch. Creativity paired with solid people skills are essential in the Marketing cluster. Effective communication is also a must.

    Since most of what we buy is fulfilling a want rather than an actual need, consumers are largely driven by effective marketing. Today’s global marketplace has made the industry even more competitive. People representing this cluster largely influence our decisions to buy through brand advertising, creative messaging and product placement.


    Workers in the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) career cluster provide solutions to technical problems across many industries. If you think creatively, wonder how to make things better and can apply what you've learned in math and science classes to solve real-world problems, a career in STEM may be for you. Watch this video to view some South Dakota stories.

    Transportation Distribution and Logistics

    In the Transportation, Distribution & Logistics career cluster, professionals are involved in the planning, management, and movement of people, materials, and products by road, air, rail and water. Careers also include the logistic services and maintenance of all things included. If you are always on the go, this cluster may have a career for you.