Know What to Do

Knowing that I need to make a choice. Before you begin to gather information, you will need to define what itis you are trying to decide.

Understanding Your Options

Understanding myself and my options.

To make an informed carer decision it is importatn to have and understanding of your own personal attributes. Use SDMyLife features to improve your self-knowledge. 
Expanding and narrowing my options.

Identify occupations, majors or jobs that match your values, interests and skills. Use the features of SDMyLife listed below to explore your options. Once you've explored your options, you can narrow them to a shorter list and save them to your Personal Learning Plan. 

Making a Choice

Making a choice. 

Consider your options from step 3 in terms of costs (consequences) and benefits to yourself, your family, your community, and your cultural group. Rank or prioritize your options and then make a choice. You can also make a back-up choice(s) in case you have a problem with your first choice.

Follow Through

Implementing my choice. 

Design a plan of action and implement the decision. Set goals and then focus on the concrete, active things that will lead you to accomplishing your goals. Evaluate your progress from time to time. Change your decision if necessary.

Believe in Yourself

Knowing I made a good choice

After implementing your decision, know that you did your best to make the right decision because you followed the career decision making guide. Also note, the South Dakota Career Decision Making Guide is a roadmap with specific stops along the way. Keep in mind that most paths are traveled more than once throughout life. This career decision making guide is a roadmap can be traveled more than once. Also understand that there is no "perfect" choice. Every choice is going to have pros and cons. However, will find it's a lot less like shooting in the dark and a lot easier to make an informed and more satisfying career decision when you have a good guide to follow.