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Department of Education
Reality Check 

South Dakota Virtual School 

South Dakota Graduation Requirements
Department of Labor and Regulations 

Access to previous SDMyLife (Career Cruising) accounts
The following links allow students and educators to access their previous SDMyLife (Career Cruising) accounts. 

Current students can access their previous SDMyLife (Career Cruising) accounts through their new SDMyLife (Xello) accounts. To access their old account, students should log in and click their name or avatar in the top right corner. This will provide a drop down menu which allows them to click "Log in to Career Cruising". When students click this option, they should be taken directly to their Career Cruising account.

Educators may need to access their Career Cruising account for school accreditation reviews or to access SDMyLife data.

Students' Login
Educators' Login

SDMyLife Training Resources
Educators' Frequently Asked Questions
Course Planner
SDMyLife Career Guide Diagram
SDMyLife Overview Flyer
Lessons Available - help.xello.world 
Gambler Activity  - Coming Soon
Issuesortator Worksheet 

Issuesortator PowerPoint

2016 SDMyLife Magazine Lessons
Academic Planning
Career Planning & My Skills
Middle School Career Decision Making

Helpful Links for School Counselors
South Dakota Comprehensive School Counseling Model 
ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success 
South Dakota School Counselor Evaluation Tool 
South Dakota School Counselor Association 
School Counseling Annual Calendar Template 
SD DOE Contact Sheet for School Counselors 
American School Counselor Association 
South Dakota Counseling Association

Board of Regents Links
Select Dakota

College Application Week

SD Invest 2015: K-2 Resources 
A Job for Me
Agriculture Bingo
Career Clusters Powerpoint
Career Day
Career Deck
Career Guessing
Careers from A-Z
Color Me
Connecting the Dots
Do We Go to Your School
Gender Roles & Responsibilities
My Career Packet
My Handful of Roles
My Job as a Student - Part 1
My Job as a Student - Part 2
The Career Deck
The Scientist
What Do I Want to be
What's My Job
What's My Job Worksheet
Who am I?

SD Invest 2015: 3-5 Resources 
Animals 'R' Us
Becoming a Career Detective
Blue or Pink
Career 20 Questions
Career Around Me
Career Cluster Scavenger Hunt: Health
Health Scavenger Hunt
Career Cluster Scavenger Hunt: Hospitatlity
Hospitality Scavenger Hunt
Career Fishbone
Career Fishbone Handout
Career Poster
Career Riddles
Cluster Collage Posters
Collage VS. Elementary
Dueling Cards
Gender Careers
Career Triathlon
The Monster, the Mouse and Me
We Depend on Each Other to Get Things Done

SD Invest 2015: 6-8 Resources 
21st Century Career Skills
ABC Careers
Bobilator PPT
Buying a Car
Career Cluster Memory Game
Career Pizza
Gender and Career Choice
Grade Your Attitude
Guess that Career
High School Graduation Requirements
High School, Can I Survive
Junior High/Middle School Transitioning
My School Attitude
SDMyLife Career Hunt
SDMyLife Online Scavenger Hunt
The Dream Job
The Mole
The Perfect Career Mix
Understanding Learning Styles
What Would You Say
Your Brain Believes Everything You Say

SD Invest Soft Skills Resources 
Importance of Soft Skills
2015 Employer Survey
The 3 A's Poster
The 3 A's Explanation
Top 10 Soft Skills Infographic
Soft Skills Poster Infographic

Soft Skills Activities from Workshop
Balloon Trolley
Like Clockwork
Sell the Role
Red Card/ Green Card

Links and Resources from Workshop
Order Skills to Pay the Bills
Build Dakota Website
Build Dakota Award Statistics for Fall 2015
Administrative Rules Relating to SDMyLife
Example PLP from Chester HS (editable copy can be requested)
Multi-Year Academic Planner Information

Activities from Counselors
Grades K-2:
The Big Squeeze
How Santa Got His Job

Grades 3-5:
Dream Job Meets Real World 
Early College Awareness
Have a Plan
How Santa Got His Job
The Big Squeeze
The Great Balloon Race

Grades 6-8:
Career Goals and Planning at the Middle School Level
Early College Awareness
How Do I Become A...

Grades 9-12:
Interviewing Techniques
Learning Styles Research
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Personal and Group Responsibilities
Time Management

SD Invest Dr. Trish Hatch Resources

SD Invest: K-6 College and Career Readiness Resources
College and Career Readiness K6 Handouts
College and Career Readiness Plan
General College and Career Readiness Resources
College and Career Ready Student Survey
09-10 Data Homework Survey Results
Closing the Gap Action Plan
Midway Elementary College and Career Readiness Data Result 2014
School Counseling Core Curriculum Action Plans