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SD Invest Year 3

SD Invest 2015: K-2 Resources

SD Invest 2015: 3-5 Resources

SD Invest 2015: 6-8 Resources

SD Invest 2015-16: Year 4, Day 1 Resources: Soft Skills

SD Invest 2015-16: Year 4, Day 2 Resources: Dr. Trish Hatch

Resources discussed during Dr. Trish Hatch's Presentation 

SD DOE Disclaimer

SD Invest 2016: K-6 College & Career Readiness Resources

SD Invest 2016-17 Workshops

Overview Flyer 

School Counselor College & Career Readiness Online Workshop Series

Real World Readiness – Will Your Students Be Ready?

SD Invest Year 4, Day 2 Repeat and SD Invest Year 5