Dual Credit

Dual credit is an opportunity for high school students who meet admissions standards to enroll in postsecondary institutions in South Dakota and simultaneously earn credits for both their high school diploma and postsecondary degree or certificate.

Students can earn dual credit by directly enrolling  into a postsecondary institution’s coursework.  These courses are offered by the postsecondary institution’s faculty members, are governed by the postsecondary institution’s policies, and follow the postsecondary institution’s established processes for admissions, registration, billing and grade reporting. Courses include college-level content and subject matter; students choosing to participate will be held to the same expectations and standards as college students.

Through a program approved by the South Dakota Legislature, dual credit coursework is available to high school students in grades 11-12 at the rate of $48.33 per credit. That compares to about $200 per credit at the state’s four technical iInstitutes and $300 per credit at the state’s public universities. Students are responsible for the $48.33-per-credit cost and any required textbooks or related course materials.

Students are able to choose from a number of on-campus and online classes, including general education and career and technical education courses. For a full listing of courses, check out the resources at the top of the page.

Concurrent enrollment

Students can also earn dual credit through concurrent enrollment. These courses are offered at the student’s local school district by a high school teacher who serves as an adjunct instructor for the postsecondary institution. 

These courses are developed in partnership with the postsecondary institution.  Teachers must meet the postsecondary institution’s certification requirements and work to ensure all of the required course content is embedded into the curriculum.   If you are interested in offering a course for concurrent enrollment, contact the specific institution you wish to work with.  For a list of contacts, check out the resources at the top of the page.

How can I help students?

If you have students who are interested in earning dual credit, please visit the schools listed below to check out the variety of course options. The listed coursework is available to high school students in grades 11-12 who meet admissions standards at the rate of $48.33 per credit. Students are responsible for the cost of the course credits and any required textbooks or related course materials.

Students are able to choose from a number of classes, including general education and career and technical education courses. Each of the participating institutions has its own registration process. Local school districts help to facilitate that process and must agree that the dual credit coursework will be recorded on the student’s high school transcript and will be used to calculate academic standing.

To register a student, please contact the postsecondary institution’s listed contact for dual credit.  A full list of contacts can be found in the resources at the top of the page.

Registration for each semester is available through each institution’s final drop/add date.

What courses are available to students?

How do students register?

Dual credit summer registration:
Now open at the Technical Institutes and Board of Regents Institutes

Dual credit fall registration:
March 20th for the Technical Institutes
April 17th for the Board of Regents Institutes 

Click one of the buttons below to complete a registration form.


Transfer of courses

If a student intends to transfer from one postsecondary institution to another, they are encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding the transferability of credits earned.

Dual credit courses available through the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) institutions and centers will transfer between each of the six SDBOR institutions (BHSU, DSU, NSU, SDSMT, SDSU, USD).

Dual credit courses available through South Dakota Technical Institutes (Lake Area, Mitchell, Southeast, Western Dakota)may or may not be accepted for transfer credit at other postsecondary institutes in South Dakota.

Home School Students

Home school families who are interested in enrolling students in the reduced tuition dual credit program must have a waiver of exemption on file with the Department of Education and work directly with the department to start the enrollment process for the reduced cost courses. School districts are not able to enroll home school students in the program.

Families of home school students must submit a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) and completed registration forms to the Department of Education. Once these items are returned, the Department of Education will verify the student has a current certificate of exemption on file with the department and then forward the student’s registration on to the university or technical institute for approval. Once the student has met the admission requirements at the post-secondary institution, he/she can enroll in dual credit courses. For more information on admission requirements, please contact the post-secondary institution that your child is interested in attending.  

To request a MOU for the program, please send the student’s name, the parent’s name, home school district, and preferred mailing address to DOEdualcredit@state.sd.us.

  • Black Hills State University

    Beth Oaks
    (605) 718-6411
    Email :

    Black Hills State University - Rapid City

    Jacob Hamik
    (605) 718-4194
    Email :

    Capital University Center

    Laura Hayden-Moreland
    (605) 773-2160
    Email :

    Dakota State University

    Amy Crissinger
    (605) 256-5696
    Email :

    Lake Area Technical Institute

    Lee Quale
    (605) 882-5284
    Email :

    Mitchell Technical Institute

    Scott Fossum
    (605) 995-3072
    Email :

    Northern State University

    Ronald Brownie
    (605) 626-2568
    Email :

    SD School of Mines and Technology

    Kristen Kugler
    (605) 394-2668
    Email :

    South Dakota State University

    Tracia Hogue
    (605) 688-4154
    Email :

    Southeast Technical Institute

    Anna Fischer
    (605) 367-7624
    Email :

    University Center - Sioux Falls

    Jennifer Schelske
    (605) 367-8465
    Email :

    University of South Dakota

    Andrew Nilges
    (605) 677-6110
    Email :

    Western Dakota Technical Institute

    (605) 718-2963
    Email :